Building a Culture of Wisdom

How Teams Can Thrive in Today’s Transformative Times

In these highly dynamic, uncertain times, no single leader, expert or C-suite has all the answers. It is hard to tell which established practices need to be put aside, or which fresh insights could lead to a breakthrough. That is why it is critical to build organizations where we can continually harness the collective intelligence across our teams.

Organizational experts tell us that in order to harness this collective intelligence, we need to create an environment of Psychological Safety – where everyone feels safe and invited to speak up, engage, and contribute. This is absolutely a critical requirement for success. But Mentora’s research on collective intelligence has revealed that Psychological Safety won’t get us there on it’s own. We must do more than simply creating the space for everyone to share; teams need to be receptive to engaging with and integrating contrarian points of view; team leaders need to know how to bridge the differences that will inevitably arise in the path to finding the best solution; and individuals need to know how to contribute their voice constructively even if the team leader hasn’t proactively invited them to do so.

This requires team members to learn how to engage in High-Performance Dialogs, 360 Influencing, Intellectual Humility, Creative Intuition, and Tapping their Professional Networks. This comprehensive approach gets us the fresh ideas and understanding needed to thrive in these times.

We call it Building a Culture of Wisdom. To learn more, download our Whitepaper on this topic.