Diversity & Inclusion

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in a Meaningful, Measurable, and Sustainable Way

Our approach to advancing Diversity & Inclusion is grounded in a deep, universal approach that awakens the sleeping hero within each person — their best self.

Insights from Dr. Wadhwa

Watch this short video where Dr. Wadhwa shares psychological insights into why many D&I training programs don’t deliver results — and even have a counterproductive effect.

Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

The Mentora Way

A unifying approach to advancing Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Let’s win hearts and minds. Let’s inspire people and gain their commitment.
  • We’re all prone to lapses of judgment in our decisions and behaviors. Let’s learn to self-regulate our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors.
  • Every human being has a unique personal journey — a unique spark. Learn to attune yourself to their unique capacities, needs, and story.
  • Let’s draw out the best in everyone — different people will have different levels of contributions to make depending on the context.
  • Our organization is, like our society, a work in progress. Let’s stay vigilant, learn and grow, and create a culture where we can freely acknowledge, apologize, and adjust our paths when failures happen.

Our DEI Content

Mentora helps clients advance their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aspirations in the following areas:

  • Build an inspired, widely embraced movement within the organization around greater inclusion and diversity.
  • Advance the quality of collaborative and inclusive problem-solving and decision-making that happens within teams and across departments.
  • Foster interpersonal dynamics that drive inclusive decisions and behaviors.
  • Foster greater trust, engagement, and belonging among employees at all levels.
  • Open employees up to raising their voice in constructive ways to address DEI gaps and advance DEI aspirations.
  • Turn D&I failure-points into opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Services

We offer the following mix of services to help clients succeed in meaningful, measurable, and sustainable ways:

  • Consulting on DEI Strategy, Program Design
  • Keynotes
  • Co-creation Workshops 
  • Training* (on-site, live virtual, and digital)
  • LiFT – Our digital performance acceleration tool in the flow of work
  • Organizational Communications

Training Formats

D&I training is offered in three formats:

  • 1/2-day (or 1-day) Executive Workshop designed to address key organizational pain-points and priorities.
  • 6-hr Master Class consisting of 3 x 90 min training sessions + 1 x 90 min performance lab. Prepares managers for modeling the right behavior, having crucial conversations, engaging in inclusive decision-making and team coaching.
  • 60-minute Critical Skills Module. For all employees – focuses on the 5 most critical behaviors and mindsets.

After the training, participants are supported by LiFT (Leadership-in-flow tools), our digital platform that accelerates performance breakthroughs in the flow of work. This yields instant, measurable improvements in workplace dynamics.  

Click here to get more information about LiFT and our D&I training.


“We chose to work with Mentora and Hitendra Wadhwa as they are redefining the Diversity & Inclusion space by recognizing that one of the primary roles of leaders in shaping our organizations is to create the conditions that bring out the fullest potential in people. In their work with us, Hitendra and the team at Mentora took the time to understand our purpose and helped us combine the right mix of research, scientific knowledge, spiritual insights, and experiential practicalities to progress our momentum. It’s been a pleasure to work with and follow them.”

Head of D&I, Leading Global Luxury Retailer