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Most people now work on multiple teams and some report to multiple managers. In this way of working, it is rare to have the authority to simply mandate that others get on board. Instead, people across the organization must find a way to influence without a uthority. In this webinar, we shared some of the principles of influencing without authority. These principles enable anyone to influence in a way that is authentic to them and helps to awaken true commitment from the other party.

What Anne Frank's Diary Can Teach Us about Living in the Eye of a Storm — and Finding Our True Self

We can learn so much about our own selves from the diary of a thirteen-year-old, not simply from the suffering she bore but the happiness she cultivated, not simply from her outer chaos but her inner clarity, and not simply from her tempestuous relationships but her tranquil heart.

Employers Take Note: The Important Distinction Between Wellness Solutions and Employee Well-being

We’ve noticed an undeniable trend in many of our recent client conversations. While seeking viable ways to boost morale and performance in the throes of a pandemic, companies are investing more than ever on their employees’ well-being. But in many cases, those employees are reporting back that they’re still not doing that well. In this article, Mentora Senior Faculty, Raghu Krishnamoorthy, shares his insights on where the disconnect is happening between these investments and their intended outcome.

How a Leader Engages with Adversaries


Inspiring your own self and your people to deliver their best is one thing. But how can you inspire your opponents as well to deliver their best? Mentora founder Hitendra Wadhwa pens down how the late U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings demonstrated such greatness in the middle of a debate with President Trump.

Finding Your Own Truth in the Cacophony of Ideas


In formulating our bedrock beliefs, it is good to learn from great minds. But what if these minds were only able to give us a partial view? There is much we can learn from how Martin Luther King Jr. wrestled with the ideas of a great theologist to ultimately arrive at his own beliefs.

Fast Company

It’s natural during conflicts to feel you have to prove that you’re right, but this only escalates things. One party may give in, but it will be at the expense of wasted time, energy and morale. However, a surprising thing happens when you take an alternate approach.


C-Suite collaboration is the need of the hour. In a fluctuating world, where change is the only constant, if the C-Suite can’t forge solutions quickly and cohesively, their organizations will suffer. Many structural and organizational solutions have been proposed to make the C-Suite more impactful and nimble. But do these solutions help advance the Chiefs’ ability to make quick “high-impact decisions”?

Business People Commuting Rush Hour Concept

Fast Company

We live in a world where education and training are getting increasingly automated in a quest for convenience. But what are we losing as automation takes over? In a new article in Fast Company, Mentora’s Senior Director of Research, Josh Davis, reveals four steps from the science of learning in which human touch remains necessary to yield better L&D results and value over time.

Diverse Group People Working Together Concept

Experts tell us that to succeed in our VUCA world, leaders must be more than just experts – they must be agile, quick, innovative, collaborative, decisive, adaptive and creative. But even this list is missing two critical qualities. Meet diversity and inclusion, powerful allies for leadership in an ever-changing world.

Mightier Than the Perk

When it comes to talent management and retention, conventional wisdom tells us that the employee experience is paramount. Yet, most organizations continue to struggle with successfully engaging employees by focusing on tangible or extrinsic rewards. Is it possible we’ve been thinking about perks all wrong?

Close-up Of Man With Eyes Closed Against Black Background

How many times have you replayed a difficult conversation and realized it could have gone another way if you had simply taken a moment to stop and think? With the power of the Pause Button, you no longer have to wonder “what if…?”

Why Are So Many Leaders Failing Today

In an era where leaders seem to be constantly falling from grace, the big question we need to answer is: In the long run, what does it take for a leader to stay on top of their game?