For more than 10 years, we’ve helped organizations around the world achieve performance breakthroughs that are both measurable–and sustainable.

Our design partnerships

Our clients often invite us to partner in designing custom programs that meet their performance and leadership goals while addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Here’s what a design partnership with us looks like:



your existing research and management perspectives on needed competencies, target audience, and more



stakeholders to assess needs and perspectives


Conduct workshop(s)

with stakeholders aimed at discovery, ideation, insight-generation and design


Design program

scope, behavior-change objectives, delivery format, learning journey, capstone project, assessment model, and path to impact

Participant Voices

This training experience reminded me of my own biases and thinking. That is a part of the problem I need to address.

Executive | Accenture

Participant Voices

Excellent content. Very well thought and very well prepared. Videos were very informative and helped put things into perspective. Case-studies were real life examples that helped cement the ideas and concepts.

Executive | Ericsson

Participant Voices

This program will help to ensure that we have a better understanding of the situation when making product decisions — get it right and select the optimum go-to market strategies.

Executive | A Global Telecom Company

Participant Voices

The live sessions were by far the most valuable. Seeing the roleplay exercises and how others would handle different situations was amazing. Loved it!

Manager | Kraft Heinz

Our training solutions

Inspire, Guide, Accelerate

Our leadership development solutions are organized along three stages:

Our programs

We offer training on a range of topics to grow your purpose, people and performance.


Our Purpose programs help to align the intentions and actions of your people with their shared purpose and values. Participants learn to drive profits not as an end unto itself, but an enabler of the purpose they wish to advance.

  1. Activating Purpose at all Levels
  2. Inspirational Leadership
  3. Becoming a Changemaker


Our People programs help you build engaged and inclusive teams and communities across the organization. Participants learn to approach their interactions with others as opportunities for human-to-human connection and authentic expression.

  1. Creating Belonging & Connection
  2. Inclusive Leadership
  3. Leading with Empathy
  4. Building Trust at High Speed
  5. Strategic Influencing
  6. Crucial Conversations
  7. Communicating with Impact
  8. Building Your Personal Brand


Our Performance programs helps you create a culture of wisdom, where strategic decisions are made with objectivity, balance, creativity, fact-based reasoning, open-mindedness, and humble inquiry. Participants learn to shift their focus from individual intelligence to collective wisdom.

  1. High-Impact Decision-Making
  2. Becoming a High-Performing Team
  3. Cultivating Resilience
  4. Emotional Mastery
  5. Cultivating a Winner’s Mindset
  6. Driving Strategic Impact
  7. Disciplined Innovation
  8. Achieving Creative Breakthroughs
  9. Working Smarter, Not Harder


The world is ever-changing – and we, as individuals, teams and organizations, need to evolve with it as well. Mentora’s Growth programs aim to open your people up to fresh mindsets and behaviors that can take them to new heights of performance and help them adapt to new conditions.

  1. Giving Effective Feedback
  2. Creating a Growth Mindset Culture
  3. Coaching from the Inside-Out
  4. Personal Leadership & Succes

Delivery formats

We deliver our solutions using a mix of skill-building formats:

Hitendra Wadhwa delivering a keynote.


In-person Workshops


Virtual Workshops

Behavior Labs

Action Coaching

a suited man

Executive Coaching

Group Coaching