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Mentora Institute – Inner Mastery, Outer Impact

We offer a simple, personal and inspiring approach to developing leaders at all levels, based on universal, timeless laws of human nature.

Mentora offers training programs on a variety of leadership competencies. We also offer our flagship “Inner Mastery | Outer Impact” training to develop the complete leader.

What we do

We enable organizations to thrive in today’s fast-changing world by growing their purpose, people and performance.

Purpose, People and Performance

Our clients

Our programs

We offer training across a variety of topics to help organizations grow their purpose, people and performance.


Our Purpose programs help to align the intentions and actions of your people with their shared purpose and values. Participants learn to drive profits not as an end unto itself, but an enabler of the purpose they wish to advance.

  1. Activating Purpose at all Levels
  2. Inspirational Leadership
  3. Becoming a Changemaker


Our People programs help you build engaged and inclusive teams and communities across the organization. Participants learn to approach their interactions with others as opportunities for human-to-human connection and authentic expression.

  1. Creating Belonging & Connection
  2. Inclusive Leadership
  3. Leading with Empathy
  4. Building Trust at High Speed
  5. Strategic Influencing
  6. Crucial Conversations
  7. Communicating with Impact
  8. Building Your Personal Brand


Our Performance programs helps you create a culture of wisdom, where strategic decisions are made with objectivity, balance, creativity, fact-based reasoning, open-mindedness, and humble inquiry. Participants learn to shift their focus from individual intelligence to collective wisdom.

  1. High-Impact Decision-Making
  2. Becoming a High-Performing Team
  3. Cultivating Resilience
  4. Emotional Mastery
  5. Cultivating a Winner’s Mindset
  6. Driving Strategic Impact
  7. Disciplined Innovation
  8. Achieving Creative Breakthroughs
  9. Working Smarter, Not Harder


The world is ever-changing – and we, as individuals, teams and organizations, need to evolve with it as well. Mentora’s Growth programs aim to open your people up to fresh mindsets and behaviors that can take them to new heights of performance and help them adapt to new conditions.

  1. Giving Effective Feedback
  2. Creating a Growth Mindset Culture
  3. Coaching from the Inside-Out
  4. Personal Leadership & Success

We have established the Mentora Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a global fellowship of changemakers across all disciplines who are committed to building a principled world.

A guide to
lifelong success

Activate your 5 core energies and unlock your full potential.

Our work is founded on the principles of Inner Mastery, Outer Impact presented in this pathbreaking book. The book is based on Dr. Wadhwa’s Personal Leadership & Success course at Columbia Business School, it’s most popular leadership elective. In it, Dr. Wadhwa integrates the latest science with timeless spiritual principles and studies of iconic and everyday leaders to show how each of us can bring out the best in ourselves and others by activating and expressing our Inner Core in all we do.

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Inner Mastery, Outer Impact – Book