Case Studies
Case Studies

How Mentora is advancing the science of breakthrough performance

Dive into our Leadership & Organizational Change case studies for insights across all levels of management and delivery formats

These case studies offer a panoramic view of Mentora’s Inner Mastery, Outer Impact approach, and the transformative effects it has at every level of management — from top executives in the C-suite to emerging leaders taking their very first steps in the managerial journey.

By completing this form, you will gain access to Mentora’s detailed case studies, demonstrating the significant impact our solutions have had in advancing effective leadership and performance breakthroughs, given our partner organizations’ unique context and challenges.

This collection includes in-depth analysis and insights into topics like Strategic Leadership, High Performance Teams, Crucial Conversations, Building Trust, and Mastering Emotions — drawing from all three of our practice areas:

  1. Performance & Well-being – In the Flow of Work
    How to empower people across the enterprise to achieve breakthrough performance — while also boosting their emotional resilience
  2. Leadership Development – At All Levels
    How to turn your talent into exemplary leaders who bring out the best in themselves and others in all situations
  3. Organizational Change – From the Inside-Out
    How to drive targeted behavior-shifts by instilling values, mindsets, and motivations — and designing systems that create an Inspired Organization

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“Mentora’s Strategic Influencing learning experience has enabled me to become a better sales leader. [The engagement level and quality of the content] sets a new standard in online interactive experiences. I have been very impressed with the course and the professional approach to sending me weekly emails as I progress. Professor Wadhwa’s delivery was excellent. The interactive and flexible platform and the engaging delivery with the use of real life case studies and role plays [was great].”

Executive, Ericsson

“I have learned a great framework, as well as tools and approaches on how to be a great leader starting with self — preparing, learning, and developing capabilities — to have an impact on others and also at an enterprise level. I would highly recommend this journey for any leader who is looking to grow and make an impact for yourself, those around you, and for any endeavor, client, or business you want to make a sustainable impact on.”

Executive, Head of D&I, Chanel

“I really love the mix of lessons, reflections, open-ended questions, and tasks. The course did not only show how it can work, but also [showed] traps, pitfalls, etc. — how things may go south, and how to counteract that. It has been the best course I have taken in decades, and it actually works better than in-person, live lessons.”

Executive, Ericsson

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