Mentora Foundation - Mentora Institute

Mentora Foundation is dedicated to developing a fellowship of global changemakers who are committed to building a principled world.

The world needs changemakers

The old world order is being dismantled. We do not as yet know what the new order will be. It is being silently sculpted by the actions and choices all of us are making every day.

Successful transformation will require a new generation of changemakers who catalyze outer transformation in people’s behavior and circumstances by inspiring inner transformation in their values, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and intentions. At the Mentora Foundation, we’re helping identify and develop these inside-out changemakers.

Distinct from our work at the Mentora Institute–in which we help drive the acceleration of performance and transformation of culture at all levels of our client organizations–our work at the foundation focuses on a once-in-a-lifetime immersive and intensive experience with individuals with the calling to change the world.

Of course, many Foundation graduates go on to (or back into) some of our client organizations. And some of our best clients nominate and sponsor key individuals for the Foundation program. After all, an inspired organization naturally fosters changemakers. And changemakers equally are drawn to join and create inspired organizations.

Our goals

Build universal knowledge

Codify the universal, scientific, and timeless principles of Inner Mastery | Outer Impact that can guide people on how to grow themselves and others to their full mental, moral and social potential.

Create skill-building pathways

Design effective skill-building pathways to move learners from intellectual understanding to everyday mastery of these principles.

Assemble a interdisciplinary team

Assemble an accomplished, multi-disciplinary team of researchers, teachers, and mentors who are deeply invested in discovering, living, and imparting the principles of Inner Mastery and Outer Impact.

Provide a growth platform

Serve aspiring changemakers who are committed to evolving the world while also evolving themselves by

  1. Providing a pathway to learning, practicing, and embodying Inner Mastery | Outer Impact
  2. Fostering a close-knit community that yields lifelong fellowship and growth partners, and
  3. Supporting their efforts to incubate, accelerate, and scale their change initiatives

Catalyze dialog and action

Catalyze self-reflection, dialog, and action among the right audiences to build a shared understanding of a more principled world and how we can get there.

Create a supportive eco-system

Create an ecosystem where institutions aligned with Mentora Foundation’s mission come together to share knowledge and resources and to collaborate on initiatives.

Our fellowship program


  • For college students
  • 12-14 month hybrid program (online and in person)
  • Learning, changemaking and service with full funding from Foundation
  • Opportunity to build and become part of a lifelong fellowship of kindred changemakers


  • Active, committed changemakers with an impressive early trajectory
  • Feel the need to grow themselves from the inside-out to fully design, grow and sustain their mission
  • Recognize the need to grow the people they work with, and the audience their serve, from the inside-out
  • 12-month, part-time program, with full funding from Foundation


  • Mid/senior executives across all professions.
  • Typically sponsored by their institutions or self-sponsored.
  • Bring with them a change initiative they wish to drive – within their institution, profession or industry
  • 6-month, part-time program

Participant Voices

“I have left the fellowship with a newfound open-minded perspective, where I feel like things do happen for a reason and the universe is having a conversation with me. There are endless possibilities of how I can share my wisdom and skills with the world to make it a better place.”

Youth Fellow | 2022

“Life is leadership and leadership is life – the leadership practices I learned this summer will integrate into every aspect of my life. I want to show up as a leader everyday and in every decision I make.”

Youth Fellow | 2022

“I loved the balance of inner as well as outer work; practicing a growth mindset and seeing adversity as a way to find my life’s purpose.”

Youth Fellow | 2022