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How to tap into the right intentions, words, and actions when you need them by Hitendra Wadhwa
Leading in the Flow of Work
The Antoinette Tuff story
a group of people with Nelson Mandela at front standing on the stage indicating great leadership.
Learning leadership from the inside out
Man's head outline left facing and right facing with colorful background.
How can I become a more empathetic leader? Practice, practice, practice
Statue of a women with index finger on her ear, head and eyes are covered with colorful layer indicating soft skill training.
Training executives in so-called ‘soft skills’ can be hard. Here’s how to do it
two heads facing each other exchanging thoughts, indicating teaching empathy and trust.
It’s time to teach empathy and trust with the same rigor as we teach coding
a line of rubber ducks with a big rubber duck indicating great leadership.
Small Actions Make Great Leaders
Woman with brain figure, symbolizing emotional intelligence concept.
The Emotionally Intelligent Way to Resolve Disagreements Faster
Business People Commuting Rush Hour Concept
Are Robo-Instructors the Future of Corporate Training?
Nelson Mandela. Mother Teresa. Steve Jobs. None of them trained to be a leader. So what made them so good at it?
Chess Pieces – Inspire Leadership
Do your leaders struggle to inspire others? Give feedback? Manage conflict? Influence others? Be inclusive? Discover the one root cause behind all leadership gaps.
Koalas – Leadership. Performance Management. Inclusion. Engagement. Well-being.
Leadership. Performance Management. Inclusion. Engagement. Well-being. Is there one simple way to address all five goals?
white cherry blossom flowers blooming on the branches of a tree.
The Three Shifts of Leadership Mastery
statue of liberty.
An Open Letter to America
a pink and white lotus flower blooming in the dark background.
Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Life
group of people holding each other at the shoulders forming a circle laughing and connecting, symbolizing building a culture of wisdom.
Building a Culture of Wisdom
Hitendra Wadhwa delivering a keynote.
Our leadership model
Anne Frank's back and white sketch with smiley face on a yellow background indicating finding our true self.
What Anne Frank’s Diary Can Teach Us about Living in the Eye of a Storm – and Finding Our True Self
diverse group of people involved in an online meeting, sixteen people, four in each row discussing employees' well-being.
Employers Take Note: The Important Distinction Between Wellness Solutions and Employee Well-being
a man helping his partner climbing the rock, indicating leading with Adversaries.
Elijah Cummings Showed How a Leader Engages with Adversaries
Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Lyndon B. Johnson meeting at the White House.
Finding Your Own Truth in the Cacophony of Ideas
a group of C-Suite people sitting in a office meeting, collaborating as a team and trying to achieve common goals.
Yes, It’s Still About the Team
diverse group of people sitting together and having discussion, making successful high-impact decisions.
Diversity is Not Enough in an Increasingly VUCA World
a man standing alone with beautiful sky looking up, indicating purpose concept.
Purpose—Mightier Than the Perk
Close-up Of Man With Eyes Closed Against Black Background indicating the power of pause.
The Power of the Pause
a young man standing on the rock mountain and looking at the open sky, indicating trying to find answers to unsolved problems.
Why Are So Many Leaders Failing Today?
a group of business people in a meeting room indicating high performance and power of prep.
The Power of Prep
typewriter closeup with a white paper, my new life chapter 1 written on it indicating making new resolution.
Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick
Steve Jobs’s Secret to Greatness: Yogananda
Nelson Mandela’s development as a great leader.
Nelson Mandela and the Evolution of Great Leaders
Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Lessons in Leadership: How Lincoln Became America’s Greatest President
Mahatma Gandhi smiling with a few people standing behind him randomly, indicating inspiring them to be their best.
How Heroes Inspire You to Be Your Best
Steve Jobs sitting on a black sofa with ipad in his hands demonstrating it's okay to dream the impossible, as long as you are committed to relentlessly pursuing this dream.
Why We All Need Heroes
The Wrath of a Great Leader
The Wrath of a Great Leader

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