Sustain Change All The Way To Impact – Mentora Institute

Accelerate performance gains by putting learning directly into the flow of work.

  • Length: 15-30 min/week over 3-6 months

Even after learning certain new actions and behaviors, participants are often uncomfortable in using these at work, reverting to their instinctual habits and strengths.

ACCELERATE helps participants overcome this hurdle by transforming the way participants approach their growth during and after our ACCELERATE program.

Participants are invited to pick a specific interaction that is coming up in the next few days, and to establish a goal for the impact they want to have in that interaction – such as to influence a stakeholder, inspire a team, or resolve a conflict.

They are then guided on which actions will best help them meet this goal, and given the opportunity to practice and prepare these actions. That way, they are more likely to execute these at the event and come out with a small, tangible, win (or perhaps a big breakthrough!).

Doing this week by week inculcates in participants a (i) comfort with taking on these actions, (ii) habit of weekly preparation, and (iii) feeling of forward momentum from the improved outcomes they experience. This creates a virtuous cycle – more motivation leads to more preparation, more preparation leads to more impact, and more impact in turn creates more motivation to plan and prepare.

SUSTAIN can be deployed in four ways:

Action coaching

Action Coaching is a 45-minute 1:1 session where a participant works on a specific workplace challenge with a Mentora coach who helps them select the right Actions and design the right behavior to address this challenge.  The participant then does a “real-play” practice of this behavior with the coach to prepare them for putting this new behavior into action at work.

Group coaching

Group Coaching is a series of one-hour sessions where participants gather in small groups facilitated by a Mentora coach to reflect on their workplace challenges and the Actions and behaviors they are using to address these.

Meeting Mentor

Meeting Mentor provides participants the ability to define and pursue a performance-improvement goal for an upcoming event. For instance, they might select the goal of “Inspiring my team”, or “Building Trust with a Key Stakeholder”. They are then given a recommended set of actions to prepare and execute at the event, to advance their goal. They are given tools such as brief meditations to use to prepare them for the event, reminders to pause and engage in preparation a few minutes before the event, and the opportunity to reflect and learn from the experience after the event.


Missions provide daily guidance and encouragement to participants to put one action into practice at work and then to reflect and learn from the experience. Missions help participants step out of their comfort zone and start to embody what they have learned, one action at a time.

what our clients are saying about sustain - meeting mentor:

I’ve realized through Meeting Mentor the importance of preparation before dealing with a particular situation. Self-regulating and taking a minute to pause is so important for the outcome.

Vice President | Blackrock

what our clients are saying about sustain - meeting mentor:

I learned that calm minds prevail! I noticed that my mind is constantly racing, and I tend to react emotionally to a situation. Meeting Mentor has helped my mind concentrate on my priorities and approach challenging interactions more diplomatically and with more grace.

Senior Manager | National Basketball Association

what our clients are saying about sustain - meeting mentor:

Meeting Mentor helped me not only to align my goals with my underlying purpose and values – but also to realize the importance of aligning other team members’ goals to an overall purpose.

Associate Director | Novartis