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Mentora Executive Retreats

Embark on a Journey of Personal Transformation

Join us for an unforgettable experience as we gather alongside fellow truth-seekers for immersive 3-day events dedicated to deepening Inner Mastery, Outer Impact, and Be the Change. Led by Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, these transformative immersions offer a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your potential and unlock new pathways to personal growth and fulfillment.

Welcome to Mentora’s Executive Retreats

We are all longing for space to commit to the transformative work of our lives.

To step back from the relentless pace of things so we can explore the hard questions that lie at the core of our being. To build deep bonds with others like us committed to the pursuit of excellence in both their material and spiritual goals. To acquire new practices that enrich our inner life, make us shine in everyday and epic moments, and grow our impact in the world.

Mentora’s Executive Retreat Series offers an opportunity to gain inner clarity, acquire new practices for transforming yourself and others, and forge lifelong growth partners.

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Upcoming Retreats

The first retreat of the series (Inner Mastery) takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an uplifting nature-rich environment. The second retreat (Outer Impact) is in New York City. And the third retreat (Be the Change) invites you to walk in the footsteps of two transformational leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., in Washington DC.

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Inner Mastery

Activating Your Five Core Energies

Oct 24 – 27, 2024

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Outer Impact

Leading with Agility in the Flow of Work

Dates Coming Soon (Spring 2025)

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Be the Change

Inspiring People to New Heights

Dates Coming Soon (Summer 2025)

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We help people create fulfilling lives and become exemplary leaders.

Mentora offers a scientific pathway for inner and outer success rooted in a simple yet profound idea — that within each of us lies a space of highest potential, our inner core, and it is when we activate this core in ourselves and others that we create our greatest impact and bring positive, lasting change in the world.


As our founder Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa states in his cover-feature Harvard Business Review article, “The inner core is not an abstract idea; it is a deeply felt state that we enter by regulating our thoughts, feelings, mindsets, and intentions. Nor is it a new idea; mystics across the ages have engaged in contemplative practices to connect with what they have intuited as their spirit or soul and express its qualities in their outer pursuits.”

Fifteen years ago, Hitendra’s research identified five energies we all possess at our core. Today, findings across many scientific disciplines are validating the transformative possibilities in life and leadership of tapping into these five energies —

  1. Purpose: Committed to a noble cause
  2. Wisdom: Calm and receptive to truth
  3. Growth: Curious and open to new learnings
  4. Love: Connected with the people you work with and serve, and all of humanity
  5. Self-realization: Centered in a joyful spirit

At Mentora, we are dedicated to helping people build fulfilling lives and become exemplary leaders by cultivating their five core energies to harmonize their inner and outer worlds, so they can operate with authenticity while maximizing their impact in a complicated, ever-changing world.

Discovering Your Full Potential

Deep discovery requires us to create distance and space. Distance from the life we live, the work we do, the person we are on an average day. And space for new ideas, insights, and inspiration to enter our awareness.

The goal of Mentora’s retreat series is not to teach you from the outside, but to allow space for returning to the essence of your being; to reach you from deep inside to help you discover the riches that lie there.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa
Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

Founder and President, Mentora Institute
Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School

Mentora’s Executive Retreats are led by our founder, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, joined by other Mentora-affiliated faculty. The retreats offer a rare chance to connect in an intimate, informal setting with faculty, other participants, and with your own inner core.

Hitendra is the author of “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact.” He has been a lifelong student of the world’s mystic traditions, and his mission is to discover, codify, and teach the laws of success in life and leadership. His pioneering ideas have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Financial Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Psychology Today.

As Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Mentora Institute, he has coached dozens of Fortune 100 C-suite executives and taught more than ten thousand MBAs, executives, doctors, lawyers, social activists, and educators. His class on Personal Leadership & Success at Columbia has for many years been the most popular leadership elective, earning him the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Executive-MBA Commitment to Excellence Award.

Previously, Hitendra worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and Co. and was the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, Paramark. He received an MBA and PhD in Management Science from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and BA (with Honors in Mathematics) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Joining onsite as co-facilitator is Taylor Parker. Taylor serves as a director for Mentora Foundation and a facilitator for our Mentora LIFE membership community. She blends training in executive coaching with years-long study of yoga and meditation. She is passionate about bridging the contemplative and corporate worlds, creating communities of practice, and applying ancient wisdom in modern contexts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the teachings sequential across the Retreat series?

The Retreat series is themed to move participants through a three-part series of Inner Mastery, Outer Impact and Be the Change. We anticipate some participants will self-select for the area they most wish to develop, while others may choose to participate in all three. We will produce the same three-part series as the years move forward, allowing our community to continue deepening at their design.

Are the retreats open to the public?

Is it not required that you be a former student, client or M. LIFE member to participate. The retreats are a great opportunity to experience Mentora’s community if you have been connected to our work from afar. There are no prerequisites to participating beyond the completion of the pre-onboarding work shared with all retreat participants.