Drive Big Leaps in Leadership Abilities – Mentora Institute

Guide participants on the simple actions they can use to activate the Core.

  • Length: 4 - 40 hours (based on scope)
  • Focus: Specific behavior changes you seek
  • Content: Selection of Mentora Principles and Actions
  • Formats: In-person Training, Virtual Training,
    Digital Learning

We’ve spent 15 years investigating the question: “How can leadership development be radically simplified?” Over time, we discovered the DNA of great leadership: a set of simple actions that help participants bring out the best in themselves and others in all situations.

These actions start from within, by changing one’s intention, thought or feeling, and then take on an outer form, by changing one’s behavior.

The goal of a leader should not simply be to change other people’s behavior, but also their intentions, thoughts and feelings from within. That’s how you get genuine alignment across people.

The actions taught in GUIDE are very simple; an action can typically be executed in just 5-10 seconds. By learning a limited number of actions, and then combining them in different ways to form action-paths, an aspiring leader can generate the full range of behaviors and competencies they typically need at work. The actions are like the 26 letters of the alphabet that can be combined as needed to form the language of leadership.

Our learning design team will work with you to define the leadership behaviors and mindsets you are seeking to train on, and then select the actions from our library that will meet this goal. We have also developed a number of off-the-shelf GUIDE programs based on popular demand, and you can find these program descriptions below.

topics covered:


Core ideas that help learners understand the essence of purpose, people, performance or growth.


Training on a set of Actions selected from the Mentora Actions Library based on the DRIVE program’s behavior change goals. Training includes:

  • Why, what and how for each action
  • Rapid role-play practice sessions
  • Missions that participants execute at work

Behavior Lab

Participants develop a plan to address their most critical behavior-change goals at work using the actions they have learned in the program

Capstone Project

All through the program, participants work on applying the principles and actions they are learning to drive impact on a chosen project at work.

what our clients are saying about drive:

I love the simplicity of the Energies-to-Actions model.

Functional Head | Invesco

what our clients are saying about drive:

I’m struck by how many actions we have at our disposal to be great leaders, regardless of our experiences, age or any qualitative or defining qualities.

Executive | Lululemon

what our clients are saying about drive:

I do not have to struggle anymore in searching for different tools, frameworks, concepts or philosophy. Instead, I really need to activate my Inner Core and then use the energy-actions to express it in daily life.

Manager | SAP