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Your GenAI-Powered Coach to Accelerate Performance

Real-time actionable coaching to help you get to winning outcomes in high-stakes or emotionally-charged situations.

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“I was amazed at the results yielded by an extra fifteen minutes of preparation with LiFT. A focused effort to calm my mind and find a positive intention improved my performance. When I invested the time for additional preparation with LiFT and approached difficult conversations with a positive intention, it created a virtuous cycle and diffused conversations quickly. The more I practice the 2-minute meditations and visualize the upcoming meeting/conversation, the more successful I am throughout the actual conversation (pauses, breathing and checking emotions before responding).”

Ryan Kass, Senior Vice President, Director of Leasing and Marketing | Empire State Realty Trust

“With LiFT, Hitendra & Mentora are bringing a very exciting innovation to organizations – the opportunity to have a performance coach in your pocket, grounded in practical evidence based, AI solutions that will take people and performance to new heights in organizations like ours.

It has the potential to transform coaching and leadership engagement, with a model that is trained in offering advice based on what Hitendra’s research at Columbia has revealed to be the foundation for high performance.”

Michael Fraccaro, Chief People Officer | Mastercard

A trusted — and much loved — tool

Highly rated by executives in major organizations

“LiFT is both critical and practical. It allows me to reflect on my performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to address them in the future.”

Amit Singla

Amit Singla

Senior Vice President at Jefferies

“LiFT has transformed how I interact with others, approach questions and projects at work, and choose to spend my time each day.”

Amanda Lopez-Edwards

Amanda Lopez-Edwards

Marketing Strategist at Accenture

“LiFT has changed the way I approach important events. I see it as a “warm up” like athletes do before a game to perform better and avoid injury. Like in sport, we need to “warm up” our minds prior to events to think better and avoid things from going in unexpected directions.”

Andrew Contillo

Andrew Contillo

Enterprise Account Executive at Signifyd

“LiFT operates on two levels — as a performance coach and as a tool for personal growth. By using LiFT, people can become happier, more fulfilled, and less stressed.”

Arjun Thummalachetty

Arjun Thummalachetty

Senior Vice President of International Business at OneLern

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Key Features

Don’t just navigate challenges at work — master them

Imagine having a world-class performance coach available around the clock, ready to guide you through every challenge you face in the flow of work. That’s exactly what LiFT offers: precise, situation-specific guidance that is immediately applicable and scientifically proven to boost your performance.

With LiFT, you get access to:

  1. Personalized, actionable guidance
    From an on-demand AI-powered coach
  2. Concrete action-steps
    Based on pioneering research at Columbia Business School and Mentora’s field-tested methodologies
  3. Mindset coaching
    For all your important events — a scientifically proven way to enhance performance outcomes
  4. Simulated role-play dialogs with fast-feedback for you
    A safe space to prepare for real-world crucial conversations
  5. Custom 5, 10, and 15-minute preparation plans
    Intention-setting, action-review, and meditation to help you center, prepare, and focus on your goal
  6. Tangible performance metrics
    To help you assess your behavior and stay on track
  7. Self-paced learning
    Mentora’s on-demand video library — BBC-trained on-camera training by our faculty

Applicable in a wide range of situations

LiFT helps you boost your performance in the moments that really matter

How can I…?

LiFT performance acceleration method

Our distinctive and groundbreaking approach toward driving performance improvements that forms the foundation of LiFT has been featured as the cover story in Harvard Business Review’s Jan-Feb 2024 issue and has been highlighted in leading media.


Leaders and managers are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their role

  • 76% of HR leaders say their managers are overwhelmed by the growth of their job responsibilities. 73% say their leaders and managers aren’t equipped to lead change.
  • Executives on average spend almost 40% of their time making decisions and 60% believe most of that time is poorly used.
  • Companies around the world are facing a leadership crisis. Only 11% of surveyed organizations reported they have a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench, the lowest it has been rated in the past 10 years.
  • 70% of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs.

With LiFT, leaders and managers keen to lift their game can take their performance from ordinary to extraordinary, in minutes.


The ROI on LiFT

LiFT delivers an immediate and tangible boost in performance — which grows with every use.


LiFT performance stats – based on a study of 100+ executives across 40+ organizations.

  1. Using LiFT, executives mostly or completely achieve their performance goals 80% of the time.
  2. LiFT delivers an immediate average boost of 20% in achieving performance goals. This grows to 135% over time after ten uses.
  3. Executives gain a 200% (or a 3X) boost in performance when they use LiFT for 6+ minutes to prepare for high-stakes situations.
  4. 100% of executives find LiFT very valuable to plan and prepare for challenging situations at work and in life.
  5. Executives’ performance rises steadily with the repeated use of LiFT, even as the goals they work toward keep changing, as seen in the graph on the right.

LiFT helps you overcome the barriers to high performance

Through extensive research, we have identified six ways in which people often limit themselves from achieving their goals by ignoring or miscalculating the human dimension. They:

Do not have a clear goal

“The structured approach of planning, practicing, and reviewing events has helped me become more intentional and mindful. It has significantly enhanced my ability to navigate various professional challenges, offering a practical tool for effective leadership.” Vineeth Gogineni, Manager at Bain and Company

“Pausing and preparing for events is transformative. It allows me to mentally ‘reset’ and focus on the goals I want to advance, which has a ripple effect on how others perceive me.”
Sunny Intwala, Cardiologist at Nuvance Health

Make limiting assumptions about what is possible

“LiFT is especially valuable as a reset button to ensure I’m not carrying over any limiting beliefs or poor attitudes from one situation to the next.”
Andrew Contillo, Enterprise Account Executive at Signifyd

“By using LiFT, I felt more at ease, compassionate, and thoughtful. I was willing and also capable of approaching each event with genuine curiosity and appreciation for the other party’s perspectives and priorities, which led to a greater likelihood of reaching a win-win agreement.”
Director at BNY Mellon

Are unaware of the full range of actions they can choose from

“It was most helpful that LiFT suggested combinations of actions depending on the event and situation. This is my favorite feature and made the preparation easy and much less burdensome.”
Vice President of Strategy at a Healthcare Marketing Agency

“I found LiFT to be extremely helpful when selecting my actions as it gave me ideas that I would not have generally chosen. It opened my eyes to see situations and behaviors in a new light. It is often easy to lean into old habits — but by using the actions that LiFT recommended, I was able to expand my toolkit and be more open.”
Senior Account Executive at SAP

Misunderstand how they land on others

“LiFT helps you plan how to address the higher emotional/human side of any interaction. I see now that you are only able to really make progress if you appeal to people’s values, and see the situation from their perspective.”
William Clark-Lowes, Sustainability Investment Banker

“LiFT has transformed my approach to leadership and interpersonal interactions. It has emphasized the importance of positive intentions, empathetic actions, and building deep relationships to drive better performance and impact.”
Candace Ge, Healthcare Finance Executive, CIT

Are stressed and triggered at key meetings and decision-points

“I tend to get anxious and uptight before events I believe are important. LiFT has helped me be more relaxed and comfortable going into the event, allowing me to settle quickly and focus on the task at hand.”
Chief Investment Officer at an Oil & Gas Company

“LiFT helps me get in the right headspace, calm any anxiety, and feel very relaxed. This helps me focus fully on the other person and be 100% present, which is useful in driving positive and productive results.”
Officer in the U.S. Navy

Aren’t fully present and adaptive to the unfolding dynamics

“I listened more deeply, was curious and asked thoughtful questions, was flexible and embraced change, and was motivated to build trust and a safe space.”
Portfolio Management and Investor Relations Executive

“I entered each event with a positive mindset and a strong sense of what success could look like. I felt comfortable, prepared, and open to adapting and pivoting as needed.”
Khary Powell, Senior Manager at EY


“With LiFT, Hitendra & Mentora are bringing a very exciting innovation to organizations — the opportunity to have a performance coach in your pocket, grounded in practical evidence-based AI solutions that will take people and performance to new heights in organizations like ours.

It has the potential to transform coaching and leadership engagement, with a model that is trained in offering advice based on what Hitendra’s research at Columbia has revealed to be the foundation for high performance.”

Michael Fraccaro, Chief People Officer | Mastercard

“I was amazed at what an extra fifteen minutes of preparation could do and also what a focused effort to calm my mind and find a positive intention could help me achieve. I prepared for several difficult conversations using LiFT, and was able to bring a positive mindset to them. This, in turn, helped the other party feel my positive energy, which worked to diffuse the tension quickly. The more I practiced, the more I was able to see the upcoming conversation in my head — and was much more successful in pausing and keeping a check on my emotions when the conversation actually happened.”

Senior Vice President | Commercial Real Estate Agency

“I was surprised by how remarkably effective I was at achieving my goals when using LiFT. It is now evident to me that the approach LiFT uses has a significant impact on performance. I also felt that I was not only presenting my best self to others, but also encouraging the best in them.”

Partner | Private Equity Firm

“One of the greatest takeaways from pursuing my goals using LiFT is how my mindset shifted. I found that it added value not only toward my performance — but also to my overall well-being.”

Lauren Flanagan, Director | BNY Mellon

“The process of setting clear goals through LiFT helped me articulate what I aim to achieve and offered me clarity and direction. I found that my communication skills improved and I was able to better convey my ideas and connect with others. It also helped me build a mindset of continuous personal growth”

Vineeth Gogineni, Manager | Bain and Company

“I tend to overcomplicate things, which is where the positive intentions LiFT helps you set have been so useful. Whenever I would feel overwhelmed, I’d remind myself of my positive intention, and immediately feel re-centered. This has completely transformed my interactions with others.”

Account Executive | BBC

“Each event felt more intentional. I was proactive in how I positioned my thoughts, reflecting on my role and how my interactions with others affects the success in achieving our agenda. This helped me have more authentic engagements with those around me, and I was able to achieve more satisfactory outcomes.”

Olivia Packenham, Strategic Partnerships | Google


Hold your breath for LiFT-off!

Always Available. Immediate Impact. On-the-go Learning. Situation-Specific Coaching. Measurable Outcomes.

LiFT for Individuals

Your personal leadership accelerator, lifting performance from ordinary to extraordinary — in minutes. Get expert guidance and practical training at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Join the waitlist and be among the first to experience LiFT.

LiFT for Organizations

An intuitive and personalized path to help all professionals — from C-suite executives to emerging leaders to individual contributors — maximize their impact in today’s complicated and ever-changing world – in real time, and on demand.

The neuroscience behind LiFT

We’ve tapped the latest findings on human potential and drawn from multiple scientific disciplines to formulate our groundbreaking approach to LiFTing performance.

Mentora is blazing a new scientific trail in developing a simple, intuitive, and personal approach to performance acceleration.

Want to learn more about why LiFT works?


Case studies

Note: The names in these stories have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Lisa wins her manager’s support

Lisa wanted to get her boss’ support to initiate a new program around AI and personalization at work. She was a passionate person, and could get a bit strong-headed. This historically put her boss on the defensive and made him resist her proposals.

This time, she used LiFT to plan for the conversation and internalized the actions it recommended. This helped her in the meeting to draw out and understand her boss’ perspective and keep herself on an even keel. Given how calm she was, her boss confided in her about an influential executive who was resistant to AI. Together, they came up with a strategy for how best to gain top leadership approval.

“LiFT stopped me from being so emotionally reactive,” Lisa later reflected, “I then found myself much more able to make him a partner in advancing my proposal.”

Rob fosters trust between teams

Rob was leading two teams on a critical project. He soon realized that these teams weren’t working well together — prior meetings had ended in disagreements and previous attempts by others at getting them to collaborate had fallen short of expectations. It was now up to Rob to turn this dynamic on its head.

This was Rob’s goal as he used LiFT to prepare for a meeting with the two teams. He reviewed the actions and set up a positive intention for the meeting. He started the meeting by inviting each person in the room to talk about how they saw the problem. The energy in the room began to shift, with everyone perhaps for the first time listening to what others had to say. Then, based on LiFT’s guidance, he identified and highlighted the common ground in everyone’s perspectives, setting the stage for him to bring them all under a unified vision for what to achieve.

“This left the group feeling empowered and motivated,” Rob shared. LiFT also helped Rob build trust between the units, and they finally came together to work as one team.”

Maggie resolves a conflict

Maggie was working on a highly complex project with Robin, who reported to her. They had recently exchanged some heated texts about certain actions Maggie felt Robin had not taken on time, given that they were facing a strict two-week deadline. As Maggie prepared to meet Robin, she realized she needed to move away from what she was feeling. She dearly needed Robin to be fully invested in this project and there was a risk that their argument could leave them feeling divided.

LiFT guided Maggie to focus on building a human connection with Robin — learning more about her life story. This led to Robin becoming more honest with the challenges she was facing that were hindering her performance. Maggie too opened up about the pressure she was facing to deliver results on a tight timeline. They aligned on next steps to get the project to a good place. They had never had this kind of an open exchange before.

“I walked out feeling Robin was a wonderful person,” Maggie shared, “And this lesson that LiFT helped me learn is something I will keep in mind if ever tensions are triggered again in the future.”

Ali breaks out of a negative spiral

Ali, an Asset Manager in a private equity firm, was grappling with a peculiar challenge. One of his subordinates, Sam, was too thorough with his work — to the point of being ineffective and inefficient. Ali had tried to address this issue on three separate occasions, but to no avail. “We were in a vicious cycle of me identifying the issue, Sam getting defensive, our tempers mildly flaring up, and the issue remaining as is,” he shared. He now prepared to meet with Sam a fourth time.

Using LiFT, Ali established a positive intention to engage with Sam in a better, more patient way. Based on LiFT’s guidance, he decided to start the conversation with inquiry to find out what was causing Sam to behave in this way. The conversation took a completely unexpected turn — Sam opened up about how he had grown up with a strict parent who accepted nothing short of perfection from him. They connected, truly listened to each other for the first time, and came up with a plan to optimize the quality of Sam’s work.

“The biggest breakthrough that LiFT got for me,” Ali shared, “was that we now understood each other — a giant leap from before.”

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“LiFT made me feel like I was growing every single day.”
– Senior Product Manager | an IT Consulting Firm

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