Columbia's Suited Mystery Unveiled

Columbia Conspiracies SOLVED: The suited man always being filmed

This article was originally published in Columbia Spectator.

Two weeks ago we posted a Columbia Conspiracies article about the suited man always being filmed on campus. You’ve seen him. You know who we’re talking about.

He’s tall, dark, middle-aged and mysterious. And not to mention handsome. Thanks to some great detective work by “Carkiller” in the comments, we finally know who he is.

It’s Hitendra Wadhwa, a professor at the Columbia Business School. Hitendra teaches courses on leadership, including the popular MBA class Personal Leadership and Success. He is also the founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership, an institute training executives with a list of clients that include SAP, Ericsson, GE, and Microsoft.

But why is he always being filmed? Theory one was correct. Hitendra’s institute posts YouTube videos of Hitendra giving online masterclasses with cool names like What We Can Learn From a Renaissance Masterpiece and What George Clooney’s Character Can Teach Us About Difficult Conversations. All with the beautiful Columbia campus in the background.

His mission? “To help people approach their highest potential as individuals and as leaders.” Sounds groovy to me Hitendra. Sounds groovy to me. According to SSOL all your classes are restricted to business concentrators, so until then, I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for you around campus and on YouTube.

This article was originally published in Columbia Spectator.