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John P. Schuster

John P. Schuster

Senior Executive Coach, Mentora Institute

John P. Schuster, PCC, is a seasoned ICF-certified executive coach and trainer who has dedicated 20 years to teaching in premier coaching schools, including Columbia University’s Teachers College. With a keen focus on creating work settings and communities that benefit everyone, John is driven by a profound commitment to building social capital within organizations. This commitment fuels his work with various nonprofits and government bodies and motivates him to serve on boards that align with his values.

Author of five books, including “Answering Your Call: A Guide to Living Your Deepest Purpose,” John is recognized as a thought leader in leadership, purpose, and coaching. He has been a guest lecturer for EMBA and other classes at several universities, and was a mentor and coach at the ExCo Group for 17 years.

His innovative contributions to business culture include collaborating with INC. magazine writers to foster environments of fully engaged employees and developing the Profit & Cash® business simulation tool, which has educated over 500,000 people in business and finance. As the first Vistage Chair in Kansas City, John has influenced numerous Vistage groups over the years.

John’s personal life is as fulfilling as his professional endeavors. He enjoys a thriving 30-year marriage and is a devoted father and grandfather, with two sons and four grandchildren, including the newest member adopted from Bulgaria, all residing in Ohio.

John holds two master’s degrees, including one in psychology from Saybrook University. His leisure activities include playing tennis and pickleball, reading poetry, gardening, singing, and playing guitar.