Taylor Parker - Mentora Institute
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Taylor Parker

Director, Mentora Foundation

Taylor stewards all verticals of the Foundation’s work with an emphasis on brand strategy, social impact, and institutional development. She also supports the Foundation’s retreat practice, translating the Mentora method into onsite experiences. She is passionate about bridging the contemplative and the corporate worlds, creating communities of practice, and applying ancient wisdom in modern contexts.

Prior to Mentora Foundation, she worked as an employer brand strategist and lobbyist on Capitol Hill at one of Washington’s oldest political groups, AIPAC. She has designed staff-wide curriculums, led global communications campaigns, and developed policy agendas that were later turned into law. 

She is a candidate at Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching program, an alumna of the University of Florida’s Women’s Studies department, and holds certifications across multiple yoga and meditation traditions.

In her spare time, Taylor enjoys living a contemplative life, and taking weekend trips up the California coast with her family.