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Invest in leadership development that creates meaningful impact

Amplify the success of your organization by supporting your team members in cultivating the focus, clarity, and engagement needed to create a meaningful life, become an exemplary leader, and maximize their impact.

Provide your leaders the resources, community, and support they need to take on the challenges and possibilities of today’s global economy while creating opportunities for your business with access to the global Mentora LIFE network.

Read on to learn more about the Mentora LIFE program and the benefits of sponsoring your employees in this scientific path to the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

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Introducing Mentora LIFE – a unique membership-based community

Founded by Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor at Columbia Business School, Mentora LIFE is a membership-based community of professionals coming together to inspire, guide, and support one another in their pursuit of happiness, health, high performance, and harmony.

Across 15 years of scientific research and field-testing with 10,000+ executives, Dr. Wadhwa and his team at the Mentora Institute have developed a simple and intuitive method — Inner Mastery, Outer Impact — for people to achieve exemplary leadership and high performance, in the crucial moments that call for it. This approach has been published as the cover feature article in Harvard Business Review’s Jan-Feb 2024 issue and is based on tenets of exemplary leadership from Dr. Wadhwa’s critically acclaimed book.

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In the Media

“In a cross-organizational study […] more than 100 executives who adopted Leadership-in-flow saw their ability to achieve successful outcomes rise by an average of 135% within six weeks. Our findings reveal that people have an innate capacity for exemplary leadership far beyond what many realize.”


Dr. Wadhwa’s work has also featured in other leading media

Benefits to your leaders and your organization

Continuous Learning and Development

What Members Receive: A suite of practical tools to help achieve breakthroughs in resolving conflict, building trust, influencing others, inspiring a team, delivering constructive feedback, making wise decisions, and addressing other performance challenges at work and home.

How Your Organization Benefits: This strategic investment enhances your employee’s skills, and by extension, the skills of those they work with and manage, keeping your workforce agile and adaptive to industry changes. This boosts innovation, productivity, and overall organizational success, and helps you cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development.

Diverse Professional Network

What Members Receive: Access to a network of exemplary individuals who are leading remarkable lives and creating remarkable change in the world, along with an opportunity to build connection and community with other members worldwide.

How Your Organization Benefits: The diverse Mentora LIFE professional network becomes a catalyst for cross-industry collaboration and innovation. Your employees, armed with insights from a broad spectrum of professionals, bring fresh ideas and approaches to your organization. Your company’s network expands exponentially.

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing

What Members Receive: A well-structured path, founded on timeless wisdom and modern science, that guides members on how to advance their happiness, harmony in relationships, health, and high-performance by living and leading from that place where their true self resides — their inner core.

How Your Company Benefits: The support offered through Mentora LIFE’s resources translates to increased job satisfaction and engagement, and heightened productivity. This, in turn, helps create a thriving work environment as you demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ well-being.

Peak Performance Tools

What Members Receive: Access to LiFT, A genAI-powered coach to accelerate performance at work. Members are able to get to winning outcomes in high-stakes situations at work and in life through actionable and personalized coaching that they can apply in real time to drive immediate, tangible impact.

How Your Company Benefits: Empower your employee to engage in fast experiments, learn at the time of need, make safe mistakes, and grow themselves over time. LiFT is designed to seamlessly integrate into your employee’s workflow, advancing their skills on-demand and in real-time, in simple, small steps — so they can drive performance breakthroughs in the moments at work that matter the most.

Model Community

What Members Receive: A global community of truth-seekers united in their quest for happiness, health, high performance, and harmony through self-discovery, lifelong growth, and the pursuit of a purpose-driven life.

How Your Company Benefits: Employees inspired by Mentora LIFE’s model community are encouraged to create soul-nurturing spaces within their workplace, contributing to increased employee satisfaction, higher retention rates, and a collaborative and thriving work environment.

Sponsorship of Mentora LIFE membership for your employees creates value not just for their development — it is an investment that can positively impact your entire organization. If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring multiple employees, please reach out directly to [email protected] for options for enterprise-level sponsorship.


“I’m grateful to be surrounded by such a diverse group with the same desire and curiosity for inner and outer growth. Having a growth partner circle with openness and caring brings the best out of each other.”

Mitch Kim, Director | Finance Industry & M.LIFE Founding Member

“Inner Mastery, Outer Impact is very inspiring. Simple but powerful concepts to help us become the best version of ourselves as leaders.”

Engineering Manager | SAP

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