Corporate Sponsorship for Mentora LIFE Membership

Seeking Corporate Sponsorship for your Mentora LIFE Membership

Did you know that Mentora LIFE members have successfully secured sponsorship from their company for membership?

By investing in your personal and professional growth, your company is investing in the success of their enterprise.

If you are interested in pursuing sponsorship, we are here to help you in starting a dialog with your employer. With a sponsored membership, not only do you gain the benefits of the Mentora LIFE program and community, but your organization benefits from the impact of supporting your leadership development with resources including:

  1. Continuous learning and development via classes, coaching, peer-learning, and dialogs with exemplary changemakers.
  2. Access to peak performance tools, including Mentora’s new GenAI-powered coaching tool – LiFT, self-paced learning classes, publications, and podcasts designed to elevate performance, and foster efficiency, innovation, and resilience.
  3. Access to a diverse professional network that brings cross-industry collaboration, innovation, and opportunity to surface ideas and find solutions to pressing organizational challenges.
  4. Enhanced employee wellbeing by cultivating connection, fulfillment, and encouraging a purpose-driven life — leading to increased productivity, heightened job satisfaction, retention, and a positive impact on overall workplace culture.


Sponsorship is an investment in both your and your company’s collective success.

If you’re ready to engage your employer with the possibility of sponsorship, you may use one of the following email templates as a starting point to request support. Feel free to edit as you see fit. You may also reach out to us with questions at any time at [email protected].

Group of people talking


“I speak on behalf of all our cohort’s I think, when I say that this answered a need many of us didn’t realize we had — not just to find a group of people to help us work through all kinds of challenges, but a diverse group of problem-solvers outside of our regular group of people. This kind of became a board of advisors that has been really wonderful for me. We’ve met outside of regular hours and have been a team of support that I think is really important at a time like this. Mentora LIFE has been helpful to all of us, and it has also given me a lot of forward momentum. I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Carolyn Disbrow, COO, Managing Director | LGC, Columbia Business School (‘18)


Participating in Mentora LIFE was a complete leap of faith for me, as I knew very little about it, jumping in at the suggestion of a close friend who joined the same cohort.  His simple description of a purpose driven life long growth and meaning resonated with me at time change and transition, both personally and professionally.  Having never pursued any sort of thing like this, I am thrilled to learn that these goals can be distilled into a rational practice, and to experience this with a diverse group of peers who brim with intelligence and unlimited decency. I am greatly curious and excited to see where the program takes us!

Tim Robb, General Counsel, World Insurance Associates

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