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Outer Impact: Leading with Agility in the Flow of Work

Leadership is an inner choice to bring out the best in ourselves and the best in others, in the service of a common noble purpose.

Coming Spring 2025

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We are at our best when we operate from our inner core.

When we operate from our core, we create the conditions from where breakthrough performance can arise in all moments and all roles.

Join us in New York City to learn the model of leadership that Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa has taught to much acclaim at Columbia Business School since 2008.

Leading in Transformative Times

We are living in pivotal times. The pace of change, the level of uncertainty and complexity…it’s “VUCA” on steroids.

No wonder so many leaders are way out of their comfort zone. We may be putting up a brave face on the outside, but privately, many of us are feeling so challenged by how high the stakes are, how much we don’t know, how little control we have over outcomes, and how many demands we face in our roles.

Mentora’s Outer Impact Executive Retreat will help you accelerate your growth to become the kind of leader that’s much needed today: highly adaptive on the outside, deeply anchored on the inside.

a group of executives brainstorming with notes on a glass wall indicating Leading from Your Inner Core.

Ascend from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Building on our first retreat, Inner Mastery: Activating Your 5 Core Energies, Mentora’s Outer Impact Executive Retreat will help you discover the extraordinary leadership capacity you possess at your core. At this retreat, you will:

  • Discover the essential building blocks of exemplary leadership — a set of 25+ actions to activate the 5 core energies in all your interactions. 
  • Practice, receive feedback, solidify and embody these actions
  • Learn a simple, intuitive method to lead with agility in the flow of work

You will walk away with a transformative understanding of how to influence and inspire your people. You will see them not simply for who they are, but for who they can be, and you will know how to get them there.

Inner Mastery, Outer Impact

Inner Mastery, Outer Impact transforms the leadership playbook from a trait to be acquired, to a state to be activated; from fixed, complex behaviors, to flexible, simple actions; from neuroplasticity, to neuroelasticity; and from learning on the sidelines to leading in the flow of work. This pathbreaking model is the subject of Dr. Wadhwa’s book, “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact,” and his cover-feature article, Leading in the Flow of Work in the Jan-Feb 2024 issue of Harvard Business Review.

What to Expect

Small Steps, Big Leaps: Your Path to Exemplary Leadership

As part of your retreat package, you will experience: 

  • Training on Mentora’s 25 actions and on how to select the right sequence of actions for different challenges you face — from having difficult conversations, to inspiring a team, to influencing key stakeholders.
  • Rapid-fire leadership simulations with peers to help you practice, gain feedback, and improve.
  • Guidance on developing a library of personal journey stories that you can use to build your brand and inspire others.


And you will walk away with:

  • A Why/What/How toolkit for Mentora’s “leadership alphabet” of 25 actions that Dr. Wadhwa’s research has shown to be the foundation for exemplary leadership.
  • A leading-in-the-flow method to help you accelerate performance in the moments that matter.
  • 6-month access to Mentora’s path-breaking GenAI platform, LiFT, to generate performance breakthroughs in the flow of work.

Program Structure

A Pathway to Achieving Breakthrough Performances

Exemplary leadership requires us to be “everything, and the complete opposite” — the right behavior totally depends on the situation. To be an exemplary leader, you do not need to retrofit new behaviors on top of who you are — you need to simply activate the right energies by going to the very core of your being.

At this retreat, you will learn the craft of exemplary leadership through a three-part journey:

Break down all leadership behavior into small actions

  • Exemplary leadership as a state, not a trait.
  • You can activate this state of exemplary leadership using the 5 core energies.
  • The practical way to activate these energies is through simple, small actions.

Gain mastery over 25 actions across the 5 core energies

  • Every action begins from within — from a shift in intentions, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Any action can be used on yourself, and on others.
  • The way to master these actions is by practicing them in leadership simulations with fellow participants. You will do so at the retreat.

Pick the right actions in the flow of work to address your leadership challenges

  • Delivering a hard message in a constructive manner
  • Motivating a demoralized team
  • Gaining buy-in from a key stakeholder
  • Resolving a conflict
  • Deepening your human connection
  • Giving effective feedback

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa

Mentora’s Executive Retreats are led by our founder, Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, joined by other Mentora-affiliated faculty. The retreats offer a rare chance to connect in an intimate, informal setting with faculty, other participants, and with your own inner core.

Hitendra is the author of “Inner Mastery, Outer Impact.” He has been a lifelong student of the world’s mystic traditions, and his mission is to discover, codify, and teach the laws of success in life and leadership. His pioneering ideas have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Financial Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Psychology Today.

As Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Mentora Institute, he has coached dozens of Fortune 100 C-suite executives and taught more than ten thousand MBAs, executives, doctors, lawyers, social activists, and educators. His class on Personal Leadership & Success at Columbia has for many years been the most popular leadership elective, earning him the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Executive-MBA Commitment to Excellence Award.

Previously, Hitendra worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and Co. and was the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, Paramark. He received an MBA and PhD in Management Science from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and BA (with Honors in Mathematics) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Joining onsite as co-facilitator is Taylor Parker. Taylor serves as a director for Mentora Foundation and a facilitator for our Mentora LIFE membership community. She blends training in executive coaching with years-long study of yoga and meditation. She is passionate about bridging the contemplative and corporate worlds, creating communities of practice, and applying ancient wisdom in modern contexts.

Mentora Executive Retreats

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“These principles and techniques have been very valuable. I started applying or at least thinking of them whenever I meet someone, whether it’s in my workplace or personal life. It will have a very rewarding impact no matter where I go, who I meet and work with.”

Hasan Farooq, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Ericsson

“I have generated through this executive program a better understanding of the impact that I have as a leader in people. After the executive program I have a better base and fulfillment that will help me to face in a positive way the challenges of sales teams, marketing, and clients of our company.”

Mauricio Gomez, Product Manager, Siemens

“Overall, I feel so grateful to have been on this journey Inner Mastery | Outer Impact. Not only do I feel encouraged and inspired by the tools and tactics I now have access to try and practice, but I feel more at peace about who I am as a human being and what I bring to others and how I bring out the best in myself and the people around me.”

Jill Titus, Learning Designer, Lululemon

“I have incorporated the tools I have learnt into my own business and personal life in order to build connections, relationships and show a human side when dealing with personal and business matters. I had been struggling with getting my views across in the business world so my peers would understand… I have learnt a lot about myself and values and are now better placed to communicate them via storytelling than any large complicated proposal.”

Rick Thomas, Executive Director, Colliers International