Activating Purpose at All Levels

Spark inspiration in yourself and your employees by helping them activate their personal values and purpose in service of the organization’s mission.

The Case for Purpose

Employees who don’t get as much purpose as they want from work report lower work and life outcomes than employees who are getting their purpose fulfilled at work.

  • Energy
  • Satisfaction
  • Resilience
  • Health
  • Commitment
  • Engagement
  • Connection

Source: McKinsey 2021 survey

89 percent of employees at all levels in the organization say that they want purpose in their lives. 

And yet, 78 percent of employees believe that they are not getting as much purpose from work as they want.

Source: McKinsey 2021 survey

Behaviors Learned

  • Shape one's personal Shape one’s personal purpose around defining moments in life
  • Identify Discover one’s deeply-held values
  • Activate one's Purpose Activate one’s purpose in everyday life, including in one’s role at work
  • Connect Personal Connect personal values and purpose to the organization’s mission
  • Approach Approach every project and meeting with a positive, purposeful intention
  • maximize Inspire others by appealing to their values and purpose
  • Establish common purpose Establish common purpose and values within the team to strengthen alignment, collaboration and belonging amongst one another
  • Learn When to push Learn when to push forward, pull back, or change direction
  • Inspire People to Bring Out Inspire people to bring out the best in themselves in tough situations by guiding them on a hero’s journey

Core Ideas

In an uncertain, fast-changing world, lasting fulfillment comes when we move away from an attachment to goals to instead serving our purpose and values to the best of our ability.

We discover our authentic purpose and values when we tune into the stirrings we experience from within – highs and lows, ideas and aspirations, dreams and inspirations – over the course of our life.

When people are put in touch with their core values and purpose, they can quickly rise above ego, attachment, self-interest, apathy and hopelessness.

Purpose isn’t simply about our epic moments – it’s also the intention we bring to our everyday moments.


How Kraft Heinz’s Managers Are Embracing Purpose at Work


The Kraft Heinz Company wanted to train its people-managers on ways through which they could inspire themselves and their teams — so that they could be aligned with the organization’s purpose and values, and have a strong positive impact on performance.


Mentora partnered with Kraft Heinz to design a program centered around helping people discover their personal purpose and values, activate them in their personal and professional lives, and tap into opportunities to live these values at work.


Mentora designed a two-hour “Inspire Purpose” Workshop with learning, reflection, peer-sharing and action-planning.


90 percent of the participants said they gained concrete takeaways that will improve their job performance as leaders.

Participant Voices

The content is so relatable to what we do as people managers, and it was very easy to identify and implement these lessons quickly in my role.

Executive | Kraft Heinz

Participant Voices

The journey in this program was extremely relevant as we look to understand what our own values are, what values our employees hold, and how to tap into those during our day-to-day life.

Executive | Kraft Heinz

Participant Voices

The best part was working through your personal values with partners to see how we can align with the Kraft Heinz values. An easy takeaway to apply.

Executive | Kraft Heinz

Participant Voices

The session was excellent! It was very thought-provoking how I think about what I do (job vs. career vs. calling)

Executive | Kraft Heinz

Participant Voices

I will work toward a calling more than a career. I think this will be a positive change both professionally and personally — I will also share with my team so we can all grow together.

Executive | Kraft Heinz