Inspire All to Take on the Mantle of Leadership – Mentora Institute

Inspire everyone to activate the Inner Core in themselves and in others.

  • Length: 60-120 min
  • Formats: In-person Training, Virtual Training, Digital Learning

People change only if they are deeply committed to learning, practicing and performing new mindsets and behaviors. And so every Mentora training program starts with Inspire, a session that energizes participants to take on the mantle of leadership, beginning with the discovery and re-activation of their Inner Core, a place of centeredness, wisdom, purpose, love and the endless potential for growth.

Man rowing a boat, showing a purpose-driven approach to leadership.
Topics Covered:

New definition of leadership


How ordinary leaders ascend to extraordinary leadership


The space of highest potential in all of us


Five inner metrics of leadership


From actions to behaviors

What our clients say

This was a fantastic introduction to a new way of thinking about leadership for me. It embodies the very best traits in people I consider to be great leaders around me.

Senior Executive | Ericsson

What our clients say

One of the best descriptions of leadership I’ve seen… leadership isn’t just about the Core of the leader but about the Core of the team.

Senior Director | Xylem

What our clients say

What I found most valuable from the discussion is that everyone can lead…My role as a leader is to activate the Core of those I interact with.

Director | Chevron