Redefining The Practice of Leadership: Prof Hitendra Wadhwa

This talk was originally published on Blog Talk Radio.

Redefining the Practice of Leadership (Moment to Moment):

The new approach to leadership is about mastering your inner landscape: It’s understanding who you are, why you do what you do — and how you can bring more meaning and purpose to the business table – and to your whole life.

Meet Professor Hitendra Wadhwa, founder of the Mentora Institute which helps individuals approach their highest potential by pursuing self-mastery & maximizing their impact in life and leadership.

The Institute helps organizations develop values-based, high-performing leaders, teams & cultures. Their work is based on the professor’s widely acclaimed class at Columbia Business School on Personal Leadership & Success – the universal science behind maximizing our Outer Impact through Inner Mastery pursued by all great leaders through history.

Hitendra Wadhwa is Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where he teaches MBA and Executive Education courses on Personal Leadership, Strategy Consulting Skills, and Marketing Strategy. He also consults & provides executive training at American Express, Best Buy, Estee Lauder, JP Morgan Chase and Pfizer.

Recipient of Columbia Business School’s Lear Award, and the Most Dynamic and Engaging Professor Award from the Columbia Marketing Association. In the past, he has been a Consultant at McKinsey & Company, the Founder/CEO of Paramark, a technology startup. Prof. Wadhwa earned an M.B.A. & a Ph.D. in Management Science from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This talk was originally published on Blog Talk Radio.