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Getting Human-Centered Leadership Right

Burnout, stress, conflict, disengagement, mistrust, cynicism. Does your organization experience, like so many others today, one or more of these challenges? This has led many in HR and leadership development to call for “Human-Centered Leadership.” Josh Bersin cites it as one of the central themes of 2021. At its essence, the idea is that humans are more than workers. Humans thrive at work, for example, when they have manageable stress, healthy relationships, and meaningful tasks. When we ignore the human needs of workers they leave, underperform, or contribute to a toxic environment. Whereas, when we embrace the human side, we can bring out the best in our people. However, honoring the human side in workers can mean many things, and the literature is not always clear about what matters. At Mentora, we have been working on this challenge since our inception. It is at the heart of what we do.

In this webinar, we shared key principles of human-centered leadership, based on Mentora’s Inner Mastery, Outer Impact model.

You will walk away with:

  1. An understanding of why we need human-centered leadership
  2. Principles for honoring the human side of people on our teams
  3. An action you can take immediately, drawn from Mentora’s Action Library, to better practice human-centered leadership
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