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Influencing Without Authority

Cara Thomas Faculty

According to a McKinsey report, in the US, 84% of employees now work on multiple teams and/or report to multiple managers. This creates opportunities for creative collaboration and resource-sharing. But it also makes it hard to get others on board, because one cannot mandate things. People need to find ways to influence without authority, else their organization, and they themselves, cannot succeed. Influencing without authority has thus become one of the foundational skills for every employee.

In this webinar, we will share key principles of influencing without authority, based on Mentora’s Inner Mastery | Outer Impact model of leadership. These principles enable anyone to influence in a way that is authentic to them and helps to awaken true commitment from the other party.

You will walk away with:

  1. An understanding of how influence happens, without authority
  2. Five principles for how to approach situations where you have to influence your peers and partners
  3. Inspiring stories of how people have been successful at influencing in this manner
  4. Two actions you can take immediately, drawn from Mentora’s Action Library, to influence without authority
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