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Redefining D&I: Inspiring Hearts and Minds for Lasting Change

Mainstream D&I initiatives don’t work

Seismic shifts in the 21st century are pushing leaders and organizations to adopt a whole new mindset to how they work and lead: inclusion. Fostering diversity by itself is not enough — organizations need to learn how to draw out and integrate diverse points of view, experiences, and beliefs of their people. Those teams and businesses that excel at this kind of inclusion not only demonstrate higher employee engagement, they also show superior performance. And yet, few tangible gains have been achieved by traditional D&I initiatives so far — and sometimes, their effect can even be counterproductive. 

A pathbreaking, unifying approach to D&I

Mainstream D&I programs focus on compliance and checklists, and thus, neglect to win hearts and minds. In this webinar, we explore a whole new approach to Diversity & Inclusion that starts from within, opens up leaders’ hearts, and inspires them to practice inclusion as a way to unlock people’s full potential. Based on work we’ve been doing with forward-looking organizations, we offer a warmer, more unifying approach that advances D&I in meaningful, measurable, and sustainable ways.

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“We chose to work with Mentora and Hitendra Wadhwa as they are redefining the Diversity & Inclusion space by recognizing that one of the primary roles of leaders in shaping our organizations is to create the conditions that bring out the fullest potential in people. In their work with us, Hitendra and the team at Mentora took the time to understand our purpose and helped us combine the right mix of research, scientific knowledge, spiritual insights, and experiential practicalities to progress our momentum. It’s been a pleasure to work with and follow them.”

– Head of D&I, Leading Global Luxury Retailer

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