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The Missing Core of Employee Well-Being

Josh Davis Chief Scientist and Senior Faculty at Mentora

A recent article in Forbes claimed that “the future of work is employee well-being.” Corporations spend over $20 Billion on well-being in the US, and that number is expected to grow more than 4X in the next 5 years. Many organizational leaders recognize that well-being was a challenge in the pandemic and will be in the post-pandemic world, and they are taking action. They are offering employees flexibility, counseling, meditation, and trying to encourage healthy, balanced lifestyles. However, as wonderful as these offerings can be, they leave a lot on the table because they treat employee well-being as a wholly separate initiative from talent and leadership development.

What if we could inspire every employee to practice a certain form of leadership that would not just make them more effective in their roles, but also improve both their own and others’ well-being?

In this webinar, we discussed:

  1. A definition of leadership that is more appropriate to our times, one that helps all people become more fulfilled and more productive
  2. A powerful new pathway to supporting employee well-being, by inviting every employee in your organization to take on the mantle of leadership
  3. An action to start taking now to help you and others achieve both the outer rewards of leadership and the inner rewards of well-being
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